Welcome to the documentation website for GhostRemix. GhostRemix is an open source project by Mikan Labs (opens in a new tab) that uses the popular blog Ghost (opens in a new tab) as a headless CMS with Remix (opens in a new tab).

Check it out live at Dev Design Daily (opens in a new tab).

We built GhostRemix for two reasons. We thought Ghost could provide a good foundation for the kind of blog we wanted to build, and we saw issues developers experienced with self-hosting and headless setups and thought we could help. If you want to know more about some of the design decisions, check out this (opens in a new tab) post.

We built this project to be easy to extend and deploy. If you find it useful, we'd appreciate it if you gave us a (opens in a new tab).

To get started with GhostRemix start here. For a full list of features check here.

If you just want an easy way to work with and deploy vanilla Ghost, we've got you covered here.